Adrian Sutil says he hopes Kevin Magnussen learns from an incident in Friday practice for the Canadian Grand Prix which caused the Sauber driver to have to take avoiding action.

During FP2, Sutil was approaching the final chicane on a flying lap and encountered the slow-moving McLaren on what was a quiet track at the time. Magnussen continued to take the chicane below racing speed and Sutil was forced to cut the corner, bouncing over the exit kerb and gesturing out of the cockpit as a result.

"For some reason he was very slow in this corner, I don't know what he was doing," Sutil said.

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"The problem was it looked like he was going in to the pits. There wasn't really a car in front of him; I don't really know why he was so slow. Even in the middle of the chicane he was still so slow and I was arriving on my fast lap and had to take the emergency exit!"

Asked if it was a rookie mistake, Sutil replied: "Could be, could be."

However, when it was put to Sutil that the team should have made Magnussen aware that he was approaching, he agreed the driver can't take the whole responsibility.

"Yes, definitely. I was on a flying lap and I think that was very obvious. A rookie mistake, maybe. I'm fine, nothing happened."

And Sutil said he wasn't concerned that the stewards decided not to penalise Magnussen.

"It can happen, he's a young driver. I've made many mistakes in my life also. I hope he learns a bit out of it and that's OK."

Magnussen himself suggested that Sutil made more of the issue than he needed to by jumping over the kerbs at the chicane.

"I don't know why he chose to go on the kerb - the exit kerb there - because there is an opening at the end," Magnussen said. "Maybe he didn't walk the track, I don't know, but there is an opening at the end and you can take that. But I am sorry to get in the way."