Daniel Ricciardo admits he was left frustrated to qualify only sixth on the grid for the Canadian Grand Prix.

Having appeared quicker than team-mate Sebastian Vettel throughout qualifying, Ricciardo eventually finished the session behind Vettel and the two Williams cars as all four were covered by just 0.041s. Ricciardo conceded that he had made some errors on his final lap which had proved very costly and he was annoyed to be penalised so heavily.

"I'm trying to cheer myself up, I was a bit frustrated," Ricciardo said. "Obviously when you're less than 0.05s from three more places up the grid it's frustrating no matter what. So I was a little bit like that but I've calmed down now and obviously it's done. I'll just look forward to the race.

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"Not only because it's Seb but anyone; whenever there's such a small margin between a handful of cars and you're at the tail end of that it's just frustrating in itself. At the same time it's great to have Formula One - obviously the Mercedes are in a bit of a different league - but it's great to have Formula One behind that so close.

"Today I made a few mistakes and I paid the price. Obviously it sucks for me today but I think that's how it should be; if you don't put it together you do pay a price and that's what happened today. So it's cool that we do have a fight on our hands, I think that's fun for everyone."

On the lap itself, Ricciardo explained that pushing too hard had cost him time when the tyres weren't up to temperature.

"It was scrappy. I lost quite a chunk in the second sector. The supersoft has been a lot harder to turn on this year and particularly round here you need a quick out lap. We had to let a couple of quick guys through and then there was a couple of guys in front as well so basically it wasn't a quick enough out lap I don't think. I just tried to fight a bit too much with the car when the tyres and everything weren't quite there to be fought with. For that reason it was pretty scrappy."