Nico Rosberg said he was happy with his result in the Canadian Grand Prix despite losing the lead late in the race.

Having been leading for almost every lap of the grand prix, Rosberg was overtaken by Daniel Ricciardo with a little over two laps remaining as he struggled with a power issue which left him slow on the long straights. When asked by if he the overriding emotion was a negative one having lost the race or positive for extending his championship lead, Rosberg replied: "Positive in the end, the overwhelming feeling.

"It was a very, very difficult day out there today and then to come home second - and I didn't even know that I was second, I only found out afterwards - so that was positive. And extended the Championship lead, which is important, of course, and yes, we are fully aware that Red Bull is still an amazingly strong team and pushing like crazy to catch us.

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"We are well aware of that and we are always concerned and always making sure that our drive remains exactly the same as it was last year when we were half-a-second behind them. We're really pushing to even extend the gap. We're trying to, yeah."

And Rosberg explained that his problems in the race had many knock-on effects which made the car tough to drive.

"What happened was that I lost the ERS and when you lose ERS then it doesn't harvest anymore and then all the braking on the rear is being done by the brakes and then the rear brakes overheated. So it was one problem and then the next problem happened. That just made it massively difficult. I needed to cool the brakes a lot, I lost a lot of power on the straights.

"At the same time, taking those things into consideration, I was just pushing flat out, qualifying laps, one after another and managing to stay ahead of that pack behind me until two laps from the end. From that point of view it was a very good result and lots of points.

"Congratulations of course also to Daniel. Fantastic to get the first win. That's great for him. Not great for me but anyways! We need to keep pushing of course; some reliability problems and we need to make sure that we're bulletproof."