Lewis Hamilton says his retirement from the Canadian Grand Prix was less frustrating than finishing second in Monaco.

There was tension between the two Mercedes drivers in Monte Carlo after Nico Rosberg's mistake in qualifying, with Hamilton still unhappy about the situation after the race. However, with the two drivers having since cleared the air Hamilton said losing 18 points to his team-mate was less frustrating as it was due to an issue out of his hands.

"It's actually less frustrating than the last race, and I don't know why," Hamilton said. "It is just less frustrating ... I know I did the best job I could, I finally got into the lead, but there was nothing I could do about the brakes."

Asked by Crash.net what his emotions were watching an ailing Rosberg try and hold on for victory, Hamilton replied: "There are no emotions other than I couldn't believe my car stopped and the other didn't, but that's the way it goes."

And Hamilton said he was confident he can close the gap to his team-mate quickly having already done so once this season.

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"Two DNFs is not helpful, but there's a long, long way to go. I've caught up before, so I'll catch up again.

"Naturally, for the team, I don't want either car not to finish, so hopefully we don't have any issues on either car for the rest of the year. But that means I'll have even more work to do to make up the lost ground.

"It's probably going to take another four wins, and I'll do what I can to get those. We've good tracks coming up, and the one for me is I make sure I win at Silverstone."


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For Lewis to mention Monaco is just downright " bad looser "... you got to move on... specially to move on from the mysterious " vision problem ". In regards to Canada, both cars develop the same problem almost the same time, could be brake to ERS but one thing is clear, Rosberg drove better. Rosberg was able to hold out cars that are working 100% with a car the isn't.

Lewis is talking as if he was robbed of a Monaco win, as if he is 100% sure he would get pole in Monaco without Rosberg's mistake.. What if he shunt is somewhere.. no one will know.