Kimi Raikkonen feels "everything seems to be against" Ferrari at present after he struggled to tenth place in the Canadian Grand Prix.

After an encouraging start, Raikkonen failed to make progress from ninth place and a spin at the hairpin on lap 40 appeared to rule out any chance of points. Although he still recovered to finish tenth - mainly thanks to the accident which took out Felipe Massa and Sergio Perez - Raikkonen said there would need to be more investigations in to why his car feels so inconsistent.

When asked by if it surprises him how long it is taking Ferrari to get on top of the issues he is having, Raikkonen replied: "We seemed to have some new small problems during the race with the brakes; there just always seems to be something happening.

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"Obviously my spin didn't help but I wasn't expecting to get so much power at that time. We will have to check. We know why it happened but we have check why it happens sometimes and sometimes it doesn't.

"Everything seems to be against us right now. There are times when it feels OK like at the end but we have to find a way of keeping that feeling all the time and making sure that's how it stays. I think this race circuit was difficult for us. We knew that before with the layout that we would be a bit weaker than we want to be but hopefully the next circuits are a bit better."

And Raikkonen said the inconsistency of the car over each lap is the most challenging problem for him at present.

"It was a difficult race. We were stuck behind people, we had some brake issues at the beginning, and then I spun with the same thing as in practice; for some reason we seem to have a big kick suddenly and then I spun. It was difficult overall, another quite disappointing race. We got maybe one point but not what we wanted.

"[The car] seems to change. It can feel very difficult one lap and then suddenly a few laps later if the tyres work better ... I don't know. I can't explain it or tell you the reason because otherwise we would know ourselves. It's like at the end of the race it seems to become pretty OK again. We have to look in to things and see what it is."