Adrian Newey admits the current restrictiveness of the F1 regulations has left him needing a new challenge away from the sport.

Red Bull announced that it had signed a new multi-year deal with Newey which would see him focusing more on Red Bull Technology projects and less on the F1 side of things. While the announcement didn't explicitly say so, the implication was that Newey was stepping away from F1 and when asked if he felt the need for a change of tack in his career, Newey replied: "Yes.

"When I was lad all I wanted to do was work in motor racing as a designer. I was lucky enough, when I graduated, to get into motor racing as an aerodynamicist, and I've been lucky enough to be in motor racing ever since.

"It's been a fantastic time. I've loved it, but that's the only job I have had, if you like, as a design engineer in motor racing. I just feel, to be perfectly honest, the current regulations are very restrictive, which is a shame, so it's difficult to find new areas to explore because they are so tight.

"At the same time, I'd like to see if I can apply my ability - whatever that might be - to other areas."

However, Newey said there would be a period of transition and that he would hope to pass on some of his experience to other Red Bull Racing engineers.

"I'll be fully involved with the team over the next few months. During that time we will look at how the engineering structure will run in the future, and then once I get fully into the new projects, I will step back and take on much more of an advisory role and, if you like, mentoring some of my colleague engineers. If they have questions or would like my advice then I'll be available to give that."

And Newey also said he could be tempted to return to a full-time F1 role if the regulations were more to his liking.

"It's quite possible. As I've said, I've come to the stage in my career where I'd quite like to try other challenges, whatever they may be, and try my hand at different things.

"It's fresh stimulation, but all these things are transient. I'm 55 and not ready for the beach just yet, so I'll do this for a little bit and see what happens after that."


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