Sauber team principal Monisha Kaltenborn says it is exciting for Austria that it will host a grand prix again this weekend.

There is a strong Austrian contingent working within the F1 paddock as Kaltenborn is joined by fellow Austrians Toto Wolff, Niki Lauda and Helmut Marko among others. Looking forward to the grand prix returning to the Spielberg circuit, Kaltenborn said F1 has always been a popular sport in the country and will excite local fans upon its return.

"If I remember back even as a child Formula One as such was always very present in Austria," Kaltenborn said. "With the drivers we particularly had it was always very much a topic covered in the media, with races always being shown and a lot of information around the drivers, the teams, everything like that.

"So it was very much a topic present in the Austrian minds and that's why I think they did feel very bad when there was no more race in Austria. So I think from that perspective people are really very excited about the race coming back. If you see the people that go there, they are really those true motor racing fans. So in a way it's very simple the way things are set out there and I think it's great that we have the race back."

From a financial perspective, Kaltenborn says she understands it must have been difficult for Red Bull to get full support for the race but expects there to be a benefit for both Red Bull and the region.

"It's very difficult to judge. This is a project mainly done by Red Bull so they must be seeing their business model behind it. I know from what I read in the media that it wasn't easy from the government side to get the race there but I'm sure for the region if Formula One as kind of an event is back again in Austria."


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