Felipe Massa says he "will not trust" Sergio Perez anymore following their clash in the Canadian Grand Prix.

Perez was penalised for the incident in Montreal which saw both cars hit the wall at high speed at the start of the final lap of the race, although the FIA is reviewing potential "new elements" which could see that decision revisited. However, Massa maintains that Perez was completely at fault and drove very dangerously to cause the accident.

When asked if he will treat Perez differently if the two are racing closely on track in the future, Massa replied: "Yeah, for sure.

"I will think twice, because I believed he would not move his car. I believed him. You can't believe now when somebody who is paying so many penalties and causing so many problems, you can't believe ... I will not trust him anymore, definitely. Or the car."

Massa explained that the lack of trust will make him try to second guess how Perez will react in any given situation.

"When I will be behind him again I will think about three times where I need to go because I don't know what he is going to do."

And asked if it could hurt his races having to be wary around Perez, Massa said: "I hope not!

"But I hope I can pass him and I will try to pass him. It's not that I will be behind him and 'OK, I won't try'. I will try but I will think three times."

After the quotes were put to Perez he was asked whether he would be willing to sit down and talk with Massa, to which he replied: "Yeah, of course.

"Felipe, we all know he is a good guy. He has his opinion, I have my opinion, and we just have to sit down. Also we get the opportunity tomorrow, with the FIA, to review the accident once again, as we believe we have enough evidence to prove I did nothing wrong."