Nico Rosberg says the gap between Mercedes and Red Bull is an unknown heading in to the Austrian Grand Prix.

Daniel Ricciardo took advantage of problems for the two Mercedes cars to win the last race in Canada, while he was a close third behind Lewis Hamilton in Monaco a fortnight earlier. However, despite those results Rosberg says the track characteristics will have masked the actual performance gap between the two teams.

"Red Bull is more close? Maybe a little bit, I'm not sure," Rosberg said. "We just have to wait and see. The thing is we've had two very unusual tracks. Monaco and Canada are two very unique tracks, so we'll just have to wait and see where they are now but I expect us to still have an advantage."

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On the problems that struck Mercedes in Montreal, Rosberg said the team was not worried about a repeat in Austria.

"It's work in progress. Yes they understand it, yes they are working on it and we are confident that it's not going to happen here, yes. Also in terms of the brakes that was a special case in Canada that it was on the limit and always going to be on the limit, so that will be fine for here."

And Rosberg is energised by the return of the Austrian Grand Prix, even if he doesn't know how well the track will suit Mercedes.

"It's great, I'm very excited about driving here again. I drove here in 2003 and 2004 and Austria is always a great place to have a race. Already now it's spectacular the amount of fans that are out there. I don't think we've seen something like that recently on a Thursday, it's really impressive the amount of people that have come. It's great, it's going to be a full house at the weekend and it's awesome that we're going to be racing here again.

"And the track is nice too. There's always exciting racing here. It's a very short track - the shortest track of the year in terms of lap time - but it's good. Concerning our pace here I'm not really sure. I do expect that we're still going to have the fastest car, but whether it's closer or not I'm not sure."