Fernando Alonso says F1 has to try and put on a better show for the fans than it has been so far this season.

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo this week called for a meeting of the key players in F1 as he believes the sport has taken a "wrong turn". Asked about Montezemolo's quotes, Alonso agreed that F1 could be more exciting more often and believes the teams and the fans should both have a say about potential ways to improve the spectacle.

"I think the president is right, in a way," Alonso said. "The show that probably we've put on this year is not good enough in some of the races. Also, when one team is dominating so much as Mercedes, probably the spectators prefer some more action, as probably they like Canada Grand Prix that everyone seems to enjoy. Yeah, we will try to put on a better show in the next races and if the teams or the fans or whatever, they have any ideas, they will be welcome to have a better show."

While Alonso said he is wary of cost concerns, he feels F1 can learn by looking at things it did well in the past as well as at other sports.

"The cost is the biggest thing here. All the ideas you have are closely related to the cost as well. So that's not an easy thing. In my opinion the KERS should come back to our cars. We have now the electric helping us on the straight but we cannot decide, or we don't have the extra boost we had last year to help with overtaking because you can use it in different places compared to other cars. Now we all use more or less the same energy in the same places, so that's impossible to overtake.

"And then tyres are a big thing. Bringing in a tyre competition or whatever will mix the teams. We could help the small teams like they do in MotoGP, giving them a different spec of tyres or different fuel quantity or whatever to use in the race. So there are some ideas we could take from other sports - but as I said, all needs to take care of the cost as well and that's the main priority."


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F1 is far to technical for its own good, it's taken away to a large degree the driver making decisions, the radio pit/driver should go, being told what another driver is doing or what stratergy they are on etc etc just doesn't help, the cars are far to quite when watching on TV, and I'm told on track, at times I'm watching practice and can not hear the cars, I think Alonso says about Kers is correct, all the new very complicated hybrid system may be very clever, but has it given better racing, which is what we all want, take away some of the aero and have more mechanical grip, the front wings should be just one element, at the end of the day, the teams have spent £100's of millions and I don't see much differenc, just a another car dominating, which as a Hamilton fan is good but I want to see more cars in the mix, I want to watch motor racing flag to flag, not fuel/ tyre saving, the amount of fuel the lorry's use in a seasons driving round the world let alone the aviation fuel far out