Max Chilton admits he was left "genuinely upset" that his run of race finishes came to an end at the Canadian Grand Prix.

Chilton collided with team-mate Jules Bianchi on the opening lap in Canada, taking both Marussia drivers out of the race. The incident marked the first time in his F1 career that Chilton had failed to finish a grand prix - a run of 25 races - and although Chilton believes it may help his approach at the start of future races he admitted it was disappointing for the run to end.

"A lot of times I said it wasn't holding me back, but maybe sub-consciously it was," Chilton said. "I had a good record, and I was genuinely upset for a couple of days because it's gone, and it was a good thing we had going.

"It's not like I lost the record by one. Tiago [Monteiro] had 16, so if I had lost it on the 15th then I would have been gutted, but I smashed the record. It's a good one which is going to stand for a while, and for me now I can race more often. I'm not going to sub-consciously back out of things. If I've the inside line again I'm going to stay there."

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With both drivers disagreeing over who was at fault for the incident following the race in Montreal, Chilton said he had spoken to Bianchi on Thursday morning in Austria to clear the air.

"After the race is not a good time as your temper is up, and you're always going to disagree. We had a few words, but I spoke to him this morning and we shook hands and said 'let's move on'. It wasn't meant to be like that, it was accidental. There was nothing malicious, it was just a bad outcome.

"I still stand by my words (at the time). I was the one that hit him and took him out of the race, but it stems from before that as I had the inside line into a right-hander. It was my corner and he was the one trying to do the overtaking, but it all got a bit close on entry, so I had to take to the kerb. He then realised, gave me room, and that's when the shot appears that everyone sees which makes me look like I went in hot and took him out.

"It was just two drivers racing, a racing incident, which is why I feel like the penalty wasn't truly fair. But at the end of the day I was the one that hit him and ended his race, so that's the way they've looked at it."


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