The FIA has decided a new hearing is required in to the incident between Sergio Perez and Felipe Massa at the end of the Canadian Grand Prix.

The stewards in Canada found Perez to be at fault for the collision which saw both cars crash out at the start of the final lap of the race, hitting the wall at high speed. Perez was given a five place grid penalty at the time, but neither driver was able to speak to the stewards as they were being checked over at a nearby hospital.

Force India claimed on Thursday that "new elements" exist which needed to be taken in to account, and the stewards at the Austrian Grand Prix met on Friday morning to speak with the team and Perez to determine whether or not a new hearing should be held.

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Following that meeting, the stewards have announced that the incident will be reviewed as there is sufficient new information to be considered.

"The Team submitted that it was unaware when summonsed to the original hearing that its driver was potentially to be charged with causing a collision and that because it had been unable to communicate with the driver after the collision, as the driver was in hospital, they attended the original hearing without input from the driver as to the cause of the incident," a statement from the stewards read.

"Further the team submitted that it had now had the opportunity to speak with the driver on the circumstances leading to the incident under review and had been able to consider the relevant telemetry. The Team requested that these new elements, namely the verbal testimony of its driver and the relevant telemetry be considered, and that the Decision in Document 44 be reviewed.

"Having considered that matter, in accordance with Article 13.10.2 [of the Sporting Code], we exercise our discretion and determine that new element(s) exist and therefore a hearing to consider the relevance and merit of the new element(s) will be convened at 1600hrs June 20, 2014, pursuant to Article 13.10.1.

"We note for the record that these are exceptional circumstances, namely where the driver was taken to hospital and unable to communicate with his team or attend the hearing, and this determination is not to be considered a precedent."

The new hearing could lead to Perez's penalty being changed or revoked, or even Massa being penalised instead.


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What would happen if Massa is the one at fault? Then Massa would not trust himself!