Fernando Alonso says it will be "impossible" for Ferrari to close the gap to Mercedes despite an encouraging performance in the Austrian Grand Prix.

While Mercedes took another one-two at the Red Bull Ring - with Nico Rosberg leading home Lewis Hamilton - it was by a smaller margin than previous races as Valtteri Bottas was eight seconds adrift and Alonso close on pace until the final laps. However, after finishing fifth behind Felipe Massa, Alonso said the engine advantage will remain the same all season.

"To close the gap to Mercedes? Impossible," Alonso said. "It's too much difference. We cannot touch the engine [for the rest of this season due to regulations], we cannot do big changes and they are over 200 points ahead of us in the constructors' championship. If I tell you we will recover that gap or fight with them ... I do not think with the engine freeze we can do anything."

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And Alonso explained that his pessimism was a result of closely following Mercedes-engined cars at various stages of the race.

"They seemed to use the maximum power for only a few laps in the race and they have such an advantage that they can play with it a little bit. When I was with Massa at the end and close, he pulled away.

"It was the same when I was with Hamilton on the first lap, it was unbelievable the difference between the two cars. If they run with those settings they will probably lap everyone but they cannot do it for the whole race."