Daniel Ricciardo said he was disappointed by Red Bull's lack of race pace in the Austrian Grand Prix.

Having started from fifth on the grid, Ricciardo ran wide at Turn 1 and lost a number of places, leaving him fighting for a place in the top ten. On the final lap he passed Nico Hulkenberg with an impressive move around the outside of Turn 4 to take eight place but he admitted the lack of competitiveness was tough to take.

"After our poor first lap I would have liked to have done more in the race but we just had really no pace," Ricciardo said. "Particularly in the first couple of stints, we were really struggling and even when Dani Kvyat - before his problem - I was pushing and even trying to hang on to him was hard.

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"We did struggle for pace today and then at the end I really tried everything I could to get Hulkenberg and we got close enough on the last lap. I didn't have much more to lose so I went for it and luckily it worked. So eighth in the big scheme of things is not a disaster but I'm just disappointed we didn't make more of it today."

And Ricciardo believes Red Bull was also struggling with a problem which he had to try and avoid having been told not to press his overtake button.

"They came on the radio and said don't press it and I came back and said 'I haven't pressed it' and they just said 'No, no, don't press it if you're thinking about it' basically. I don't know if it was something that they saw on Seb [Vettel's] car and they were relaying that information on to me to have a precaution...

"Unfortunately we didn't really give the home crowd what they wanted this weekend but I don't know how the race was in front of me; hopefully it was a bit more exciting and they enjoyed it at least."