Kimi Raikkonen said Ferrari's timing of his first pit stop "was very bad timing" as he finished tenth in the Austrian Grand Prix.

Running as high as third, Raikkonen was struggling on worn supersoft tyres on and was overtaken by Sergio Perez - who was yet to stop - as well as Nico Rosberg who had already pitted before Raikkonen himself came in to the pits. Reflecting on the start of the race, Raikkonen said it cost him places which he could not recover later on.

"For me it was very bad timing for the pit stop," Raikkonen said. "My tyres were not good and I lost two places on the in-lap. I really needed to stop earlier but obviously I don't know what the reasons were why we stopped at that point. It cost some places and with the speed that I had there was no way to get anything back. So that was not very good."

Having struggled to get the Ferrari to his liking so far this season, Raikkonen said an attempt to take a different direction in Austria had not worked.

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"We tried something different since Saturday onwards and I don't think it made an awful lot of difference but certain areas today were not very easy and I had a similar thing yesterday but obviously when you've decided to go one way you have to stick with it. It was difficult and it was the same issues that we had the whole weekend basically."

However, Raikkonen believes Ferrari has made clear progress since the start of the year but been unable to close the gap to the leading cars.

"I have been in more-or-less the same place apart from Monaco. But I think it depends a lot on the layout of the circuit for the speed of each team. Obviously when you have long straights like this the Mercedes-powered cars seem to be very fast cars. We've improved for sure in many places, the car is much more educated than it was in the first races but it's still really much bigger in terms of engine, aero and the mechanical side to get to where the Mercedes cars are."