Renault shares Christian Horner's belief that the current engine performance is not acceptable, according to Renault Sport F1's deputy managing director (technical) Rob White.

Horner was scathing in his criticism of Renault following the Austrian Grand Prix, saying that changes need to be made at the engine manufacturer after seeing Daniel Ricciardo finish eighth and Sebastian Vettel retire. White said Renault is committed to improving the situation but shares Horner's annoyance at the performance in Austria.

"The first thing to say of course is that we share Christian's ambition in general and particularly at this race which is extremely important for Red Bull Racing - the return to Austria is of course extremely important for our relationship with Red Bull and with the team," White said. "Therefore, the anxiety that Christian feels and the frustration he feels after a result that is not at the full potential of the performance of car and power unit is completely understandable and shared by us.

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"Next thing, is that we are completely committed to making progress as fast as we possibly can and I think we have shown signs of progress before now and we remain sure of where the expectations of Red Bull and Christian lies. We know what is expected of us and individually and collectively we must buckle down in the right direction."

Speaking immediately after the race, White admitted Renault was unsure what the issues had been for Red Bull in Austria but understood why Horner was so unhappy.

"Of course it is always difficult in the heat after a poor result and it is particularly tricky in this instance as I speak to you ... I have extremely limited knowledge of the incident during the race, we will give some feedback on that as soon as we have some.

"For the time being we must continue in the direction of fixing each incident as we understand it and progressing with the development path that we have established with Red Bull. This is a process that is completely shared with Red Bull, and objectives are known and understood. The way forward with Red Bull is known, clearly the next steps are two weeks away in Silverstone and the rest of the season is in front of us and that is what we must work on."