Rob Smedley admits he was left with "a slight twinge of disappointment" after Williams was unable to win the Austrian Grand Prix.

Felipe Massa started from pole position ahead of team-mate Valtteri Bottas and the two Williams cars led the first stint of the race from Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton. While Rosberg took the lead in the first round of pit stops and Hamilton slotted in to second at the final stops, Smedley said Williams had played it relatively safely with its strategy when it became apparent it was unlikely to win.

"Racers wouldn't be competitive people if you didn't feel a slight twinge of disappointment but you have got to look at the positives," Smedley said. "I think we were beaten by a faster car and a better organised team, so hats off to them because they did a better job than us, there's no doubt about that.

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"Our race was very much about that we knew we had to manage systems on the car, brakes, tyres and it was all about that. It was about consolidating and making sure we got the third and the fourth place and we didn't try and do anything silly trying to race with Mercedes and finish fifth and sixth or even worse.

Despite both Mercedes cars nursing issues with cooling and brakes, Smedley said Williams also had to manage both of its cars to the finish of the race.

"I think we were not without problems as well. We were managing tyres, we were managing brakes, we were managing car systems. You have to be very sensible about things. Yes, in hindsight, could you have done a different strategy? I'm not sure you could have done it very differently to be honest.

"Yes Mercedes had problems, but I don't think they were running their full pace. I think they were quite happy once they got in front to just stroke it along until the end."


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They need to get a decent strategist onboard - way too conservative on pitstops.