Ron Dennis says McLaren will not write off 2014 despite the advantage being enjoyed by Mercedes this season.

McLaren started the season with a double podium in Australia but has failed to recapture the pace it had in Melbourne since and is currently sitting in sixth place in the constructors' championship following the Austrian Grand Prix.

However, Dennis says there is plenty to be gained from this season, and when asked if 2014 was a write-off replied: "No, we never write anything off.

"We'll fight until the last grand prix; that's the nature of the team. It's certainly not a write-off. I'm still very much aware of what is coming down the road and you've just got to get it as development on the car.

"This is a season now ... all the regulations are relatively stable over the next couple of years. So you've got to have constant performance. There's no opportunity to stop and take breaths, you've just got to keep developing and try to come to terms."

And Dennis said he is confident of a big step in performance in future years as McLaren bolsters its aerodynamic and engine departments.

"We've got Peter Prodromou joining us in September and that will be a big step. He will really bolster our revitalised aero team, so I'm not concerned about aero performance next year, that will come right.

"We've got a steep curve with Honda but at the end of the day we were with them for five years and won 50% of the races. So I'm not worried about getting there with Honda, it's just going to be a bit challenging at the beginning and this is motor racing; it goes up and down, you've just got to keep your head down and keep working."