Nico Rosberg says he and Lewis Hamilton are always going to keep small advantages to themselves as they fight for the drivers' championship.

Mercedes executive director (business) Toto Wolff has called on the team to maintain its transparency after slipping up during qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix. While Rosberg says the data from both cars is freely available to each driver, he admits he will try and conceal information which may give away how he has achieved small gains.

"No, it's all open," Rosberg said. "The data, everything is open, it's just that sometimes you're not going to put it on the table [and say] 'Look, here, what I've done'. If I find a little bit of an advantage somewhere then I'm not going to tell everybody about it, I'll keep it to myself. It's little bits and pieces here.

"But of course, in the background we're racing for the Silver Arrows and everything is free because as a team we need to be strong and we're strongest when we work together. And we do work together, and it will continue to be like that but at the same time we're fighting each other so whenever we can have a little bit of an advantage over the other we will take it."

Having extended his championship lead to 29 points with victory in Austria, Rosberg said he is simply looking to increase that advantage at each grand prix.

"Of course 29 is a nice buffer to have but it's still such early days. I'm just enjoying the moment and focusing on one race after another. Every time my goal is to extend the championship lead, that's it. And I managed to achieve it this weekend, so goal achieved this weekend.

"It's great to win, it's a fantastic moment together with the team what we're achieving; how quick we are, how quick the car is. We need to be careful also, because this weekend a surprise competitor in Williams was massively quick and very close. So we need to keep pushing. There were some things that we didn't get right this weekend and we need to do a better job next time."


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