Monisha Kaltenborn says Sauber needs to "step up everywhere" to join the midfield battle this season.

Sauber is currently without a point in 2014 after struggling with an overweight car in the opening races which has put it on the back foot. Speaking exclusively to after the Austrian Grand Prix, team principal Kaltenborn said it was tough to see obvious progress because improvements need to be made in so many areas within the team.

"It's very difficult to compare races because they're really very different in a way," Kaltenborn said. "What we're seeing from the lap times is that the distance is still big to the teams ahead but it's maybe getting a bit smaller here and there.

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"We are understanding some things better which is helping us to bring in the next things which we want to bring in. So I would say overall we are moving in the right direction and the steps we take sometimes because something else happens maybe then doesn't come exactly the way [we expect].

"It's that there are so many areas we have to look at, that's the other thing. We know that we are not happy with where we are, we know that we can do more, but it is on the chassis side, the aero side, the power unit side, the mistakes we make, mistakes from the pit crew or the driver ... if you look at it all of that comes together.

"So the easiest thing to say is that we have to just step up everywhere and I think we will be doing that but it takes a bit of time."