Rob Smedley has urged Williams to learn from "little details" to be fully competitive at the front of the field.

Williams locked out the front row for the Austrian Grand Prix, with Felipe Massa on pole and Valtteri Bottas starting from second. While Massa led the opening stint of the race, he emerged from his first pit stop in fourth place and Smedley said he has urged the team to look at the small aspects of the race which had contributed to such a situation.

"As I said in my round-up to the team, we can't be happy as a group of people that we had a car in first position and after one pit stop he had come out in fourth position," Smedley said. "For me that is hugely disappointing.

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"There are mitigating circumstances for that. Felipe's in-lap was a little bit slower than Valtteri's. The pit stop - although Felipe's pit stop compared to Valtteri's wasn't slow - Valtteri I think did the record for Williams in racing in his pit stop, and that gained him another 0.8s or whatever. And then Felipe also struggled on the out-lap with tyre warm-up, missing grip, which he didn't on the second stint.

"So my message to everybody after the race was when you're racing up at the sharp end like this, it's all the little details. When you get a series of details wrong that's what happens, you go from first to fourth. And that's not good enough.

"We can't be happy with that, but I'm sure up and down the pit lane there are lots of circumstances where people are not happy. But as a team we will look at that and look at what we can do better and make sure we don't repeat the same mistakes twice, which is the important thing."