Eric Boullier says it has become apparent that works engines are crucial for success in F1 this year and is encouraged by the progress Honda is making for 2015.

McLaren will switch from Mercedes power to a Honda package next season as the Japanese engine manufacturer returns to the sport a year after the new engine regulations were introduced. Speaking during a McLaren phone-in, Boullier said it has become clear just how important having a works engine is in modern F1.

"Having a works engine allows you to play with many more channels and set-up possibilities than if you have a customer engine," Boullier said. "Let's just take this year for example, if you compare Mercedes GP and Red Bull Racing.

"We all know that Red Bull Racing's chassis is very good - maybe slightly better than the Mercedes one - but the big difference between the two is that Red Bull has a Renault engine, which is not a works engine..."

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And Boullier is pleased that Honda is on target with its objectives ahead of the start of next season.

"This is a big project and obviously it takes months, even years, to build it up. So you work with a clear schedule in place and some clear objectives to target. So far I think everything is in order and matching the path that we have until the first race next year."

Despite 2014 shaping up as a second consecutive season in which McLaren is unlikely to win a race, Boullier said changes made within the team convince him that next season will be a different story.

"I do have the confidence that we will have a good car from next year, just because we addressed all the issues internally and I believe we made all the right changes. We've already seen from Austria the first benefit of the change which we have done in the organisation and I think now we are heading on the right path."