Sauber team principal Monisha Kaltenborn says the team must give Marussia the respect it deserves over its current position in the constructors' championship.

Marussia scored the first points in its history in the Monaco Grand Prix, with Jules Bianchi's ninth place ensuring the team currently sits ninth in the constructors' with two points. While Sauber has yet to score this season, Kaltenborn told that she is confident it will eventually overhaul Marussia but shouldn't take any team lightly.

"I am confident that we will score points," Kaltenborn said. "But out of any respect to any team in here - because it takes a lot to be amongst the 11 teams we are here - you have to always be careful of the people around you.

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"No matter how long they are here and whatever they have done before, I think you have to always look at the others and make sure that you are not taken by surprise."

With Esteban Gutierrez retiring from a top ten position in Monaco, Kaltenborn admits Sauber has missed its opportunities so far and says a point-scoring finish will be motivating for the team.

"I think a huge opportunity was there in Monaco but that's a very important issue to us because it just boosts the morale up. We are a team which has been in F1 for long - we have good seasons and bad seasons - but you need that kind of a moment to maybe set that spark and do things and that's what we have to continue to strive for. It's not easy, but we have to continue to have that as our target."