Force India team principal Vijay Mallya has challenged his team to be competitive on all circuits this season.

While Force India has scored points at every race so far in 2013, in previous years the team has been strongest on low-downforce circuits. However, heading to Silverstone, Mallya said he wants his team to be approaching every race from now until the end of the season with the same expectations as the race before.

"We have to get out of this mindset of saying we are good on this track and not so good on another track," Mallya said. "We need to be competitive on all tracks, which has been the case so far this year. Silverstone is special for us; we regard it as our home track. We'll pull out all the stops and put on a good performance."

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With Sergio Perez climbing through the field in Austria from 15th to 6th place and Nico Hulkenberg scoring points at each round, Mallya said he has been delighted with his driver pairing so far.

"I have a great respect for Checo and his talent. He's a gutsy guy, he loves his racing, and irrespective of who is in front or behind he keeps his cool and displays a lot of maturity, which is great. The way he passed Magnussen in Austria was impressive. He's a talented young lad and I'm happy to have him in the team. Nico's class is well recognised in the paddock and he's scored points in every race this year. I expect him to shine in the second half of the season too."