Jenson Button believes the current difficult times McLaren is facing will prove beneficial to the team in future seasons.

After a podium-less 2013, early optimism following a double podium in Australia has faded away with McLaren currently sitting sixth in the constructors' championship. However, speaking during an exclusive interview with, Button said previous successes had made McLaren scared to change a winning formula even if it was for the better.

"With this team it's been very similar in terms of the way of working for so many years," Button said. "The team has been so close to winning the world championship for many years - finishing second in the constructors', second in the drivers' - and when you are that close you don't change things.

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"You don't feel that it's necessary to change things. You go along the same path for so many years which is a mistake, because you need to change things. But you're afraid to because if you do it could all go to s***.

So having a bad year last year in a way could help this team to win a world championship. In a way, in the future - the next couple of years - I think you'll look back and think 'Well that was a good thing for this team' because it made us realise that we needed to make changes.

"We were so close to winning championships but we were never going to win those championships because we didn't have the right direction, we needed something new. So bad years can be very good for a team and I think it has been."

Button hinted that he felt part of the problem might have been that McLaren was not critical of itself enough in the past.

"No team is perfect, and you've got to realise the weaknesses within a team. I don't mean pointing fingers because we all have weaknesses and it's about working as a team to improve as a team. But you've got to realise pretty soon where those weaknesses are and really work on them. That's what we're doing right now."


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Why does anyone think that the Honda involvement will be such a game changer?
Last time Honda was in F1 wasn't exactly a success story.