Daniel Ricciardo says the majority of the drivers on the F1 grid were against the introduction of standing restarts after safety car periods.

The World Motor Sport Council [WMSC] rubber-stamped the proposal last week which will see races restarting from a standing start on a grid following a safety car period from next year onwards. However, when asked if the drivers had been consulted on the proposal before it was approved, Ricciardo replied: "We did, we all pretty much disagreed as far as I am aware.

"I will let the veteran drivers speak their minds, I said I don't think it is the best thing, we will see what other drivers say about it."

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However, Ricciardo did explain why he felt the new regulation was a bad move, saying it would be unfair on the leading driver in such a situation.

"I don't want to go in to it too much but in a nutshell if you're leading the race by 20 seconds, the safety car comes out and you lose a 20 second advantage. So what was looking like an easy victory is now still questionable. So that's already a big disadvantage for the leader who has obviously worked hard to build up that gap.

"Now, to then put him in a standing start then anything can happen at the starts, not only an accident but you just get a poor start you can go from first to fourth before Turn 1 these days. It just seems harsh."