Christian Horner says Red Bull has engine options for 2016 having been unhappy with the current performance of Renault.

Following a disappointing Austrian Grand Prix, Horner was scathing in his criticism of Renault as Daniel Ricciardo finished eighth and Sebastian Vettel retired following reliability issues. While Horner wants to see Renault recover, he admits Red Bull already knows it will not be short of choice when its current deal expires at the end of next season.

"The thing about a team like Red Bull is we always have options, and I'm not going to disclose what they are here," Horner said. "We want to run at the front, we want to be competitive, and in order to be competitive we have to have a sensible power unit."

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Following the race in Austria, Horner said the team had spoken to Renault in order to try and find a solution to the problems but concedes there isn't a huge amount Red Bull can influence.

"We've had some discussion with Renault and they fully accept the situation they're in is not where we should be. Their doing whatever they can and applying the resources they have to try and improve that situation. Obviously, the difficulty we have within the regulations as they currently are is that it's very difficult to make significant changes.

"Renault is very aware of our position. All we can do is try to help and support them with the resources we have to try and improve things. I think fuel is going to be a key area of development - Total is working very hard on that as well. They've got some stuff in the pipeline that looks encouraging, but we're behind where the Mercedes teams are because of all the running they've done on-track and on the dyno; Renault is only just starting to catch up to where Mercedes were six months ago."

Asked if Renault should have focused more on Red Bull rather than trying to please all of its teams, Horner said it would help but stopped short of being overly critical of the approach.

"That can be an element of it because you are never going to be able to satisfy everybody. But when you look at the engine Ferrari have made and the customers have had to adapt their car accordingly, Mercedes likewise, whereas Renault have tried to keep all of their customers happy, which is an admirable thing to do. But it's not the best way to be competitive."