Despite Ron Dennis' recent claim that McLaren is 'moving forward' after a difficult start to 2014, the Woking team isn't expecting its home race to provide a sudden turn of fortune.

Seventh place for Kevin Magnussen was the best the squad could achieve in the recent Austrian Grand Prix and, while Dennis sounded upbeat when speaking to, both the Dane and Boullier appeared less optimistic ahead of the annual trip to Silverstone.

"As in Austria last month, the high-speed sweeps and esses won't particularly suit the MP4-29 [because] our car's package doesn't excel around fast, long corners," the Frenchman conceded, "But there were positives to take away from that race, so I'm hopeful that we can maintain that trend this weekend."

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Boullier confirmed that he expected both drivers to be trying extra hard as they perform in front of those team members who don't usually get to races, and Magnussen admitted that there were a lot of reasons to look forward to Silverstone.

"There's an added pressure to do well in front of your home fans, and the families of many of the people who've worked so hard to put our cars on the grid," the Dane acknowledged, "I know that this race won't be best suited to our package, but I nevertheless hope we can repay some of their hard work this weekend."

Among Magnussen's reasons for looking forward to the weekend are the very sections of the track where the MP4-29 is expected to struggle, but the rookie clearly knows the significance of the venue.

"I tested at Silverstone last year during the Young Driver Test, so it's a circuit that I'm already pretty familiar with," he explained, "It's a great track, with lots of fast, sweeping turns - really enjoyable, and, with such high-commitment corners, a real challenge to wring the last few tenths from the car.

"Racing at Silverstone is going to be something special for me: it's a circuit with some of the richest history in F1. It's where the world championship started, it's a race I grew up watching, and it's a place where you can still feet a solid connection to the past. It's an honour to be racing at Silverstone's 50th grand prix this weekend - and, as a British team, I hope we can do something a bit special to mark the occasion."