Nico Rosberg says he needs to capitalise on the momentum he currently has against team-mate Lewis Hamilton.

Following his victory in the Austrian Grand Prix - the third consecutive race at which Rosberg has beaten Hamilton - Rosberg now holds a 29-point lead over his team-mate in the drivers' championship. With Hamilton looking to respond at his home race this weekend, Rosberg said he doesn't attribute any extra value to winning at Silverstone but wants to continue his run.

"For sure the momentum has been on my side now and I need to try to make the most of it because it comes and goes," Rosberg said. "I need to try to prolong it and keep it going.

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"At the same time I don't really see it as Lewis' home race here, I more see it as our home race as a team and I want to do the best job possible because I know it can be a great gift to all my colleagues working in the factories and their families and kids and everything if I can win here like last year. So that's what I'm here to do, and of course I'm trying to beat Lewis like everywhere else."

Pushed for what has given him the edge over Hamilton in recent races, Rosberg said he believes it's just a case of being in better form than his team-mate.

"I would just say it's momentum. It comes and goes. Recently I've had a better rhythm and got the results and this and that. More things are going right than wrong; there's not one specific thing that you can put it down to."