Daniel Ricciardo believes Red Bull can get "within a couple of tenths" of Mercedes at this weekend's British Grand Prix.

Red Bull struggled at the Austrian Grand Prix as the team was slow on the straights and didn't appear to be able to make up for the deficit in the corners. However, Ricciardo believes progress has been made since the last race and asked if he felt Red Bull could be closer to Mercedes at Silverstone, he replied: "We definitely hope so.

"We felt that in Austria we didn't really get it working. We lose time on the straights but even in the flowing high-speed corners we didn't really make up the time. I think we know why and if we can be the strong package that we are normally in the high-speed stuff here it can definitely bring us close to the other teams.

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"All going well I think we should be the ones behind Mercedes. I think they'll still be quickest but whether that is half a second or just a couple of tenths we're yet to find out. I'd like to think that if we get it all right then we can be within a couple or three tenths from them, all going well."

Ricciardo explained that tyre warm-up appeared to be a problem for Red Bull in Austria which had a big knock-on effect on pace.

"We've gone through a few things and we think we've found some answers. A lot of it was just basically a few issues with getting the tyres turned on and getting them in the right working range for not only qualifying but we think in the race as well we were a bit out with a few things. We sort of noticed afterwards that if we ran this setting it probably would have helped keep them in a better window and working better and would have changed the balance etc.

"So there's a few things which we think we know the answer for but let's obviously put it on track now this weekend and see how it works. Whether the tyres are behaving the same here this weekend it's hard to say. We think we've found the answers; at least on paper and on the data we think we've found something."

And Ricciardo doesn't expect to suffer from the same issue at Silverstone despite the medium and hard tyre compounds being nominated by Pirelli.

"If we're struggling getting a supersoft or a soft turned on then it's not going to be any easier with this, but I think we can definitely play around a bit and try some of the stuff that we think we can do to help it. Hopefully we're towards the front in qualifying and then we can see 'yep, that worked'."