Lewis Hamilton has said there is 'plenty more to come' from him after he topped the times on Friday in practice for the British GP - although after an engine problem cut short his running in FP2 and stopped him doing his long run, he added that he will now have to change things around on Saturday and that will 'compromise' him.

Hamilton did just 14 laps in the second session, compared to the 35 of team-mate, Nico Rosberg and that will definitely hurt the Englishman as he looks to take victory and regain some momentum in the title race.

"It seems so, yeah," he replied, when it was put to him that it looks like he is going to have to win the championship the hard way this season.

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"My car keeps stopping," he continued, "But we will learn from these experiences. Whatever issue we had today it will be rectified. It felt good to drive. I just lost the long run session, so a good 20 or so laps to find how the car will feel on a heavy fuel loads. But what I can do is probably change around and compromise some of my running tomorrow and see if I can get a good long run."

"I was just getting comfortable - just taking my time really. There is plenty of time to come," he added.

Asked if the fact this is his home track will help negate some of that disadvantage, as he knows the circuit well, Hamilton replied: "It doesn't make any difference because I don't know how it [the car] is overheating, whether it is the fronts or the rears [that are overheating], where I need to put the braking settings per corner for changes as we look to the race, how the diff settings should be.

"But it is okay. I am a professional. I will be fine."

Hamilton also said the home support will spur him on: "There are so many people here already yesterday and again today. It is incredible that energy.

"That is what will get me through the mishap we had today and will carry me through the rest of the weekend," he concluded.