Nico Rosberg says 'for now' Silverstone seems to suit Mercedes and he thinks they will have a really quick car for the 2014 F1 British Grand Prix.

Rosberg was fastest in the opening session this morning, 0.731 seconds up on his team-mate, Lewis Hamilton and while the positions were reversed in FP2, the gap was only 0.228 seconds, with Fernando Alonso a further 0.488 seconds back in third for Ferrari.

"I think the track suits us for now and I really think we are really quick around here," Rosberg said after Friday practice. "It feels good out there and it was a very productive day. I'm feeling quite confident for the weekend."

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"It feels very difficult [too, though] because of the wind. It is such a strong wind. I am sure you can't imagine the effect of the wind on these racing cars. But some of these corners I am going in with 110 kph in the slow corners and then I have 40 kph of wind from behind. So for the car, in the air speed, it just thinks I am doing 70 kph, which is a totally different grip to if there was no wind. Then going into the corner it is just sliding all over the place - the car is back to front. It is crazy.

"In the corner it is pushing me from the side, pushing me out of the corner, and then I get around the corner and all of a sudden I have wind from the front. I can go on power and I just have monster grip all of a sudden on the corner exit. It just transforms the car and every corner is the same to some extent, more or less. Around the lap it is very, very complicated. It makes it difficult to set-up the car because you just have such a different balance - it is all over the place."

With Hamilton forced to stop in the second session due to an engine issue, Rosberg has been handed an early advantage as the Briton missed out on doing a long run. Rosberg insisted, however, that it was not good news, even if it might help his own championship bid.

"Definitely it is a setback for the team. I don't know what's happened yet. But I am going to look into it. Reliability is very important. We need to be 100 per cent and it is not good to have a car drop out," he replied.

"But I am confident they will come up with a good solution and anyway we still learned a lot on my car today."

Rosberg meanwhile was called to the stewards office after FP1 when it emerged he overtook Daniil Kvyat under the red flags. The session was stopped after Felipe Massa's crash.

He escaped punished though, as the stewards felt he just took 'reasonable avoiding action': "The thing was for me he [Kvyat] was pulling off the track," Rosberg exlpained. "He went off line to the outside and pulled off the track and slowed right down to a very, very slow speed - 38 kph, which in an F1 car is near enough stopping. So, for me it looked like he had a problem and when the other person does have a problem, you are allowed very slowly to continue moving on and that is what I did."