Pastor Maldonado says he is set to be disadvantaged for the British Grand Prix weekend as a result of Renault power unit problems.

Renault brought an update to the Austrian Grand Prix which Romain Grosjean ran on his Lotus but Maldonado hit trouble with and had to revert to the old specification engine. Maldonado revealed that Lotus attempted to find a fix in FP1 at Silverstone but hit the same issue, and as a result he will again be running an older engine for the rest of the weekend.

"We were expecting it to be honest, we were fully ready," Maldonado said. "The car was fully ready for FP2. We went to the engine we had at the last race when we had a problem with the engine, so we tried it again here. It was a new engine but we had the same problem again and even different problems so I think the engine is over already.

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"We are back to the engine which we have been racing a lot during the season, which is a bit old but at least it is working which is important.

"I don't know exactly what the problem was but it was losing a lot of power and not working. Then they asked me to stop the car, so I don't know what happened in the end."

And Maldonado said having to switch to the old engine was going to cost him performance compared to team-mate Grosjean.

"For sure. We saw now that we are losing a lot; I was last on top speed. We are already used to being in the back group in terms of top speed. There is actually no power; we are trying to compensate a bit for the lack of power with speed in the corners.

"The car feels not bad to be honest. I'm quite happy with the balance because the baseline we didn't touch that much and it was straight away quite good. It's quite hard with the engine but it's what we have so we need to try to defend ourselves with these tools."