Red Bull Racing's Sebastian Vettel was delighted to finish second in qualifying for the British Grand Prix on Saturday, especially given the changeable weather made it so 'tricky' to get right.

Vettel had failed to set a lap on the first runs in Q3 and it looked as if he was destined to start in tenth. However with the track improving in the final sector, he was one of a number of runners to leap-frog provisional pole man, Lewis Hamilton, eventually securing P2 on the grid, only the second time he has managed to put it on the front row in F1 2014.

"It was quite difficult to believe on the out lap [at the end of Q3] that it would be dry enough," Vettel recalled, "but, yeah it is a funny place. It was a very weird session. A lot of rain, no rain, drizzle and very fine rain - nearly like spray - and I think England is the only country where you can get these sorts of rainy conditions and changing so quickly.

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"It was incredibly difficult to know what was coming. On the flying lap you approached Turn 1 and it is a pretty big ball corner, so difficult to know how much risk you can take. But eventually you have to take some risk, especially in my case, as I hadn't set a lap. I am very happy with how it has turned out. It is very positive starting from the front row tomorrow."

As for what went wrong on his first run in the top-ten shootout, Vettel said they just went out a bit late and got caught out by the weather.

"To be honest, [at] the start of Q3 we went out and were one of the last cars [out], I think, and on my out lap just preparing for my flying lap, it started to rain," he explained. "So, I got that wet sector just to start the lap and obviously then there was no point and we aborted the lap because at the time it was impossible to set a decent time on the slick tyres.

"Then we obviously went back in the garage and waited and we said: 'Okay, we might as well go out [again]'. If we go on inters it will be difficult to beat the lap times that were set. So we went out on dry tyres. We were one of the first to go out on dry tyres for one lap at the end..."

Asked what role the driver plays in such conditions in terms of deciding when to go and what tyres to put on, Vettel said he was happy to defer to the pit wall, especially on days like this.

"The people on the pit wall were in a better place today to try and predict the rain. It was impossible for the drivers, because it was very local. It could rain at any minute and then stop, as we have seen. It was difficult to predict and therefore it is you inside the car trying to get the best out of the tyres and the conditions when you are on track and obviously together with your team you are trying to stay calm on the radio and going for the right decision.

"At the end there is also the element of looking at what the others are doing and trying to make sense or not to do the same.

"It is very tricky..."