Felipe Massa has called on his Williams Martini Racing team to 'improve in every area' if it is to avoid a repeat of the strategic error that leaves both himself and team-mate Valtteri Bottas starting 14th and 15th respectively for the British Grand Prix.

Changeable weather conditions during qualifying would see Massa and Bottas come out of the pit-lane later than their rivals when the circuit was dry.

However, a long change of tyres ahead of the second wave of laps would see both return to the circuit just as the weather turned again. With neither able to start their fast laps before conditions worsened and their rivals improving their laps, both Williams drivers would be bundled out of Q1.

"We made a mistake and we lost the opportunity to start where we should be starting," he said. "It was not a good decision what we did today.

"I always put myself in the middle of the decision and I asked to go [earlier], but on our radar it was not raining anymore and we trusted that, so we waited too long to go. We managed to go fifth and sixth [during the first run], then we stopped too long in the garage to change tyres, so we lost a minute more than we would do in a normal situation.

"We just took too long to change the tyres. It started raining on the out-lap, so a minute before it would have been OK."

Referring to comments made earlier this year by his former race engineer Rob Smedley that the team needs to learn to win again, though Massa says Williams must improve across the board, he insists every team member is responsible for its success.

"It is something that we need to improve, Rob [Smedley] included. There is a responsibility for all us. We need to make it better. It is part of the team improvement, the job we need to improve in every area. For sure we lost an opportunity for the race."

Two weeks on from Williams' front-row lock-out in Austria, with Bottas in 14th and Massa in 15th (following penalties), the Brazilian says the team cannot afford to be conservative in its strategy for the race,

"When you start like that you can't take a conservative approach," he added. "We need to do our damage limitation. To do something better, you need to risk everything to score points."