Lewis Hamilton hopes his British Grand Prix victory will prove to be a turning point in his season.

Having retired from the season-opening Australian Grand Prix, Hamilton had to overturn a 25-point deficit to team-mate Nico Rosberg, and it took until the fifth round in Barcelona for him to finally erase the gap. However, since then Rosberg had beaten him at every race - opening up a 29-point lead in the process - heading to Silverstone. Having won the race while Rosberg retired, it's the first time Hamilton has outscored Rosberg by more than seven points this season and he admitted it could prove to be a crucial weekend.

"I came into this weekend saying it would be really great to have that [turning point]," Hamilton said. "I thought the fans would give me the wind in my sail to change the direction and get the momentum. I've got the win, got the points back. I have been chasing all year since I lost points in the first race, and I have been chasing again since the previous DNF.

"It has been very difficult. I was comparing it last night to how it is for tennis players when you are two sets down. It's so hard to get your mind in gear, to get yourself back and not lose points from then on. The pressure was high, but now we are back and close, and with the pace we had today, I have just got to focus.

"I had four wins, now five, my hunger is on par to any year I've ever raced in. Yesterday was really a kick in the balls, I had to pull myself up and get on it. I can't have situations like yesterday, in the past two races I have had the chance to be on pole position but I haven't put it there."

And Hamilton was keen to stress the importance of his family in helping him recover from the difficulty of aborting his lap and only qualifying sixth on Saturday.

"My family have been great. I spoke to mum, my dad - I spent a lot of time with my dad last night - just talking it out, as well as my brother. I needed them here today, I needed that support. I do come to races on my own, I generally do it on my own and with my trainer with me. But I just thought it would be nice to have them here as yesterday was such a difficult day."


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