Red Bull Racing's Daniel Ricciardo one-stopped his way to an 'awesome' third place on Sunday in the British Grand Prix.

Ricciardo was disappointed after losing out in the changeable conditions in qualifying on Saturday and after opting not to go out for a final run in Q3 - when the track improved substantially in the final sector and he found himself bumped down from P4 to P8.

However, he made amends in the race and at the finish just held off McLaren's Jenson Button to take the final spot on the rostrum.

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"I was very hungry today. I like to think I always am but today I was pretty jacked up [after that 'rookie error' in qualifying]. So it's nice to be up here," he said.

"We just held on at the end. I think one more lap would have been tough, Jenson was coming, but really happy with the podium," he continued.

"We chose to restart on the prime. It didn't seem like the best thing to do at first because we were really slow at the restart. Valtteri [Bottas] and Fernando [Alonso] got past me pretty easily and pulled away and I was coming on the radio basically saying: "Let's see if we can try something a little bit different" as we didn't really have the pace as we hoped, as we expected today.

"Once we came in for the option, we just ran and pushed pretty much for the whole stint. I didn't intend on doing a one-stop when I started on that tyre but laps ticked off and we were still able to keep the pace.

"The team said: "Do you think you could do another 15-20 laps?" and I was like: "At the moment, yeah, I think we can". So we stayed out and [as I said] just held on at the end. It was awesome

"I think all three of us [Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas and I, who finished 1-2-3 respectively] had a bit of redemption on our plate today. It was a pretty dismal Saturday for us. I think we're all pretty happy. This is definitely one of my best podiums this year," he added.

Asked if he felt like a bit of a villain for denying Button that long overdue podium on home soil, Ricciardo replied: "It did cross my mind a little bit. I was thinking... especially in the last few laps, he was catching me pretty quickly at the end. I had sort of stabilised the gap a bit and then with four laps to go, I think my options were really suffering and he was coming, so I was thinking, yeah, probably for once I've got a lot of people booing me and cheering on the local lad but obviously for me it was good.

"I think for him as well; they haven't had a great season so a fourth is - yeah, it's not a podium, but he'd still be fairly pleased with that result so hopefully we're all happy..."