Lewis Hamilton said he was disappointed that he didn't get to fight Nico Rosberg on track for victory in the British Grand Prix.

Rosberg was leading the race with Hamilton closing in when a gearbox issue forced the championship leader in to retirement and allowed Hamilton to take an easy victory. While the result cut Rosberg's advantage from 29 points to just four, Hamilton said he was looking forward to the battle and wanted to put on a show in front of his home fans.

"To be honest I don't really feel anything for the retirement," Hamilton said. "I would have thought I would be sitting here saying 'Finally!' But I don't feel that way. I was really looking forward to racing with him, so in the race I thought that kind of sucks. It's what the fans need to see.

"It's the first time this year that I've had the different strategy in a sense. He was going option-option-prime and I was going to go option-prime-option, and if I did a good enough job - as he has done on previous times - on the prime then I could have attacked him on the option. That's what I was looking forward to but I will take it as it has come.

"I think it's more just solidifying belief for myself and that recovery ... I needed it."

Although Rosberg's retirement helped Hamilton's championship chances he said he doesn't want his team-mate to suffer any similar misfortune again this season.

"I've had two and he's now had one so it's not really the same! However I hope we can rectify any issues that we have and we don't have any more faults on either car for the rest of the year. It's going to be very close, I don't take [qualifying] lightly at all so I really need to analyse things for these next couple of weeks and think how I can utilise my speed when I have the opportunity."


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