Christian Horner described Sebastian Vettel's overtake on Fernando Alonso as "a massive move" in the British Grand Prix.

Alonso jumped Vettel around the outside of Copse as the Red Bull struggled to get heat in to its tyres on the out lap after Vettel's final pit stop. Alonso then proceeded to hold off the four-time world champion for numerous laps in an enthralling battle until Vettel returned the favour at Copse.

With both drivers complaining over the radio about the other, Horner said it was a result of the "zero tolerance" FIA approach regarding track limits and he was keen to praise the pair for their fight.

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"It was two guys going at it hammer and tongs and it was great racing," Horner said. "The problem is, they've introduced all these rules about circuit limits. They're both professionals and they're both going to be pointing out the errors of the other.

"At the end of the day it was great racing and Sebastian made a massive move. He made it stick and it was great racing. In to Copse people don't realise how quick they're going down there; to make it stick in to Copse was really impressive."

And Horner said he didn't see a reason for either driver to be punished for any aspect of the battle despite their complaints against one another.

"For me it was six of one, half a dozen of the other. I think it would be wrong to penalise either; Fernando was benefitting at 9 and 18 constantly - which Sebastian was quick to point out - Sebastian was doing whatever he could to try and pass him."