Lewis Hamilton has played down the importance of the German Grand Prix between team-mates by joking that Nico Rosberg "has never actually been in Germany".

Following Hamilton's victory in his home race at Silverstone on Sunday, attention now turns to Rosberg's at Hockenheim in less than a fortnight. However, Hamilton expects there to be less pressure on Rosberg to perform due to a lack of an affinity with Germany having grown up in Monaco.

"Nico has never actually been in Germany so it's not really his home race!" Hamilton joked.

"I remember when I was racing in karting he didn't stand next to a German flag ever. Ever. We would have to go on to the start line and all of the drivers would be standing next to a girl in a line and the girls would be holding the flag or the sign saying Hungary or whatever, and he always stood by Monaco. He never stood by Germany.

"I've known him grow up in Monaco, so I know that Monaco is his home. But it would be great to win in Germany, yeah."

However, Hamilton does expect Rosberg to have strong support at Hockenheim and conceded it may increase the impact of a victory there.

"He definitely will because undoubtedly he is German. But he's German, Finnish, Monegasque and whatever. So he will get that support both in Monaco and in Germany. But he's always had great support there and he will have a busier week there than I will, just as I had a busier week here than he did. But it's always good to beat others on their home turf."


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Just shut up and race... And win a Championship that only 2 cars and driver can win, now that is the most glamorous Championship. Hint: im being sarcastic and i dont mean to offend anyone.

Its just getting boring knowing that the next race it would either be Hamilton or Rosberg will take 1 and 2.


@ Taz - Please please please don't encourage him to come to Austin (more than the one week a year) - the place has style, and wonderful weirdness - mind you, he'd probably not get it at all.