Williams' head of vehicle performance Rob Smedley says Valtteri Bottas has the potential to "become an exceptional driver".

Bottas took his second consecutive podium with second place at the British Grand Prix, rising through the field from 14th on the grid to secure his best-ever result. Smedley said he is more impressed with Bottas' abilities with each passing race and believes he is constantly improving at Williams.

"I think that he's a very, very good driver," Smedley said. "He's a great driver. His racecraft is phenomenal and he's super-quick. The good thing about Valtteri is he's a young lad with his feet absolutely on the ground. He's not spoiled in any way shape or form, which is great; neither of our drivers are so they are very easy to work with.

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"He's able to accept advice very readily. Not only about the very basics but also about his racecraft and how he communicates with us. I think [at Silverstone] the communication between him and the pit wall - the messages we sent him and the messages that came back - were exceptional. That's what you need, you need to have that level of synergy between driver and pit wall and that cohesion really between what we're all trying to achieve so that it's all going in the right direction.

"I think [on Sunday] it came off as well as it could do, to be honest. You couldn't really have hoped for anything more than that. Has my opinion changed of him? Absolutely not, my opinion is growing of him week-by-week. I think that he is a very good driver and he could become an exceptional driver so we're lucky to have him."

On his race performance in the British Grand Prix specifically, Smedley praised how Bottas was able to deal with information from the team and execute its strategy.

"I was massively impressed. His racecraft was exceptional. The way that he approached cars, the way that the team helped him utilise the deployment of the ERS system to get the maximum power from the IC engine at all the right times. These are things that we now discuss in great detail before the race and make sure that when we get in to a situation we know exactly what we're going to do and just deploy a strategy and do it.

"That's exactly what we did and I think that really helped us [on Sunday]. I think that he got everything absolutely spot on because when you're receiving lots of instructions and being asked lots of questions he was able to keep calm under all that pressure. He did an exceptional job."