Felipe Massa says Williams has not been focusing on the German Grand Prix during the Silverstone test as it is confident in the car's potential.

Valtteri Bottas finished second in the British Grand Prix as Williams was again the second quickest team behind Mercedes. Massa failed to finish Sunday's race but was testing on Tuesday and said the team was thinking more long-term as it expects to be competitive at the upcoming races before the summer break.

"Not so much to be honest as the testing today it's a different track to Hockenheim, but the testing today was trying some ideas for the future, maybe even next year, just doing some laps as well," Massa said. "I didn't do so much for Hockenheim but the car showed good pace straightaway and it was good to feel the car like that."

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And Massa conceded that if Williams needed to do any specific work for an upcoming track it would be the Hungaroring.

"I think Germany is a little bit more similar to maybe between here and Canada, Hungary is different; the engine counts a lot less in Hungary, [there are] a lot of corners where you need a good downforce. Maybe it can be the car can be more competitive in Germany than Hungary but new things for Hungary should make the car better for this type of track so I hope we can be competitive everywhere now."

With Williams in good form, Massa said he hopes the team continues its current rate of development in order to fight for second in the constructors' championship.

"It shows how competitive the car is during the championship, so it shows that the updates work and the cars is competitive when we bring new updates. So I hope we bring a lot more because the chance to work in a good way to improve the car is there. So I'm sure whatever new things we will have in the next race - if we have something - it will work. It will make the car quicker and I hope we can always be on an upward trend to be in front of teams like Ferrari and Red Bull."