Nico Rosberg has shrugged off Lewis Hamilton's comments that he has little affinity with Germany by agreeing with his team-mate.

Hamilton joked that Rosberg had "never actually been in Germany" and played down the potential impact of winning the German Grand Prix because he didn't feel it was Rosberg's home race. Having shrugged off the comments, when asked if he considers himself as German as Hamilton is British, Rosberg replied: "Not really no.

"I didn't grow up in Germany so I suppose I'm not as German as he is British, but I consider myself German."

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Rosberg's title hopes took a blow at Silverstone when he retired and Hamilton scored maximum points, but he said he had been able to bounce back with some positive running on Tuesday.

"Yeah it's been a good day. It's so valuable such a test day because on a race weekend we never have two of the same conditions after another, because tyres are getting old and we don't have that many. Here every time I have new tyres so I can do some set-up stuff that I would never usually do and really get a feel for them."