Daniel Ricciardo says it was tough for him to feel any improvements with the Renault power unit during testing at Silverstone.

Speaking ahead of the test, Renault's Remi Taffin said the engine manufacturer had "some interesting tweaks to trial" which could be introduced in Germany alongside the latest software updates. However, Ricciardo said after completing 72 laps of testing on Tuesday that he had not noticed a difference.

"We're constantly trying to find more and we're not going to find tonnes of horsepower overnight," Ricciardo said. "So all the improvements we get will be subtle and to be honest as a driver the subtle stuff is harder to feel but I think on the data it will show. So that's positive.

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"We just did a lot of stuff for the engineers today for them to look over and the aerodynamicists to look over. Lots of correlation stuff for them from the weekend so hopefully we get some good results from it."

And Ricciardo admitted the team had been able to complete more running than expected thanks to a fully dry day.

"It was pretty successful because we were expecting rain and that would have limited our running. I think we were expecting it around 2 o'clock so we had a bit of a late start and we didn't think we would get much done but we did in the end.

"Quite a bit of aero testing and strapping bits and pieces on the car and sensors and whatnot. A lot of it is for the guys back at the factory to look at from the high tops. Eventually we did a bit of compound stuff, ran the medium and the soft, did a few comparisons with that so we got some productive work done today."

Looking ahead to Germany, Ricciardo expects Red Bull to struggle a little but thinks it will be strong the following week in Hungary.

"There's a few long straights there so ... on paper it's probably not the circuit that suits us the most to be honest. I think Budapest we can be a bit more optimistic for. I mean, third sector in Germany should be good for us but I think the first two we will probably leak a little bit of time, but let's see how we go."