Pirelli has unveiled its 18-inch concept tyres to be tested by Lotus on Wednesday at Silverstone.

The E22 was rolled out in to the pit lane shortly after the start of running on day two, with the concept tyres fitted ahead of some testing to be carried out by Charles Pic. Pirelli's Paul Hembery and Mario Isola in attendance to see the concept in the flesh on a 2013 car, with Pirelli now planning on putting the idea of larger tyres to the F1 Strategy Group for future consideration.

Any switch to larger tyres - with Hembery confirming that Pirelli is open to 19 or even 20-inch sizes - is unlikely to be introduced until after the end of the tyre manufacturers current contract which runs up to and including the 2016 season.

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Gives the car a contemporary look (not before time).

And do you not think that teams have not already been experimenting in the wind tunnels with different size wheels?? That's a relatively straightforward way to gauge aero differences between the two wheel configurations.

Maybe, instead of criticising Pirelli, they should be thanked for doing this seemingly off their own back (I still wonder if the hands of Paris or Biggin Hill are involved).