Will Stevens is confident that he has a future at Caterham despite the change in ownership for the team.

Having been part of the Caterham Academy set up during Tony Fernandes' tenure as owner of the F1 team, Stevens tested for Caterham on Tuesday at Silverstone following the takeover from Swiss and Middle Eastern investors a week ago. Stevens is aware there will be changes as a result but says his continued involvement was encouraging.

"Obviously the academy we're still part of," Stevens said. "We're pushing towards being in F1 next year and getting more mileage in the car this year. There's a transition happening; we need to thank Tony and the guys for what they did before and obviously with the new partners coming in now there's going to be changes.

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"We still need to work out what those changes are going to be. Obviously they have come in, we're still doing the test here so we're still part of the program and we're looking to push forward with it."

While Stevens admits to some uncertainty, he is pleased to see Caterham in a stronger position as a result of the ownership change.

"My management is looking for avenues to explore and to improve. It's good for the team that there's more money coming in and we can move forward as a team. But it's Formula One and it's hard for me to know exactly what's happening but we're in discussions and the future is looking good.

"Obviously the stuff I do is with the Formula One team. I'm also part of the Caterham Academy as well so it is part of the F1 side as well as the academy ... obviously there's a crossover and I'm getting more and more involved with the Formula One side so we'll see where it ends up."

Reflecting on his day in the car on Tuesday at Silverstone, Stevens was pleased with the progress he made throughout the day on his first taste of 2014 machinery.

"I got a good 95 laps under my belt so it was good for me. I've done a lot of kilometres in the simulator this year so I was as prepared as I could be. Obviously nothing is like driving the real car but the work we have done in the simulator is good. The correlation I've got is excellent, so for me overall it was a good day.

"Luckily it stayed dry because I know it wasn't supposed to! In the afternoon I was like 'it's definitely going to come, I will arrive on one lap and it will be wet', but overall we completed the run plan. There were no big mistakes and we got through it pretty swiftly, so it was a good day overall."