McLaren racing director Eric Boullier says the team is increasing the amount of upgrades it is bringing to the German Grand Prix after recent progress.

Jenson Button qualified third and finished fourth in the British Grand Prix; hunting down Daniel Ricciardo in the closing stages and finishing less than a second away from the podium. Team-mate Kevin Magnussen was seventh as McLaren enjoyed a more competitive weekend and Boullier said the steps forward stem from an update which was run in Austria and has now convinced the team to push even harder.

"Actually [Silverstone] went better than expected, so the path we have decided to follow is going to be pushed a little bit further," Boullier said. "We saw the correlation and the upgrade package which was originally meant to come for Silverstone but went to Austria is doing well. So now we are doing the same and pushing to bring every upgrade one race earlier. In Germany there will be more upgrades than we already had scheduled.

"So there won't be any radical change now. Also we have redefined the policy on the strategy, so we are going to push as hard and as long as possible the development of this car - the 29A - as long as we can carry over the concept on to next year's car."

With Button performing well in his home race off the back of Ron Dennis calling for him to "try harder", Boullier played down the significance of the comments.

"When you want to push anybody, you push everybody. Drivers, employees, everybody in the company will have this kind of positive pressure to make sure we will be winning again soon ... In terms of Jenson or even Kevin - both - I am very happy with the performances of our drivers this year."