Rob Smedley says he is not surprised to see Williams still able to beat the likes of Red Bull and Ferrari at this stage of the season.

While Williams started the season with one of the quickest cars behind Mercedes, the team doesn't have the same amount of financial resource as Red Bull and Ferrari. As a result the early races were seen as the team's best chance of success, but consistently strong pace has ensured it has scored podiums in each of the last two races.

Valtteri Bottas' second place at Silverstone saw the team move up to fourth in the constructors' championship - just three points off Ferrari in third - and when asked if he was surprised Williams has been able to maintain its relative performance, Smedley replied: "No, I'm not surprised at all.

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"I think when I came to Williams I said in my very first media session with everybody that there is definitely nothing broken here at Williams. It's just a case of giving people direction and pushing in all the areas and never letting up. It's a case of setting the bar higher and higher every time.

"So you come out and everyone is happy with a second position and then when all the emotion and elation has died down the message is that 'it was good but it's not good enough, so keep pushing'. And that's what we've been doing throughout the season. You never, ever lift off, you never, ever back off from any development.

"We have to keep pushing and pushing and keep maintaining the bar at a higher and higher level. Yes we do lack a little bit of resource but also we have a very, very strong management group both from the directors of the company and technical management. So we are all on the same hymn-sheet and all pushing in the same direction. What that helps with is it helps with very efficient management of the resource. I think that's what we're tending to do reasonably well at the minute, we just have to keep going on in that direction."