Lotus deputy team principal Federico Gastaldi is hoping Pastor Maldonado enjoys a change of fortunes at the German Grand Prix.

Maldonado has yet to score a point for Lotus in his nine races with the team so far this season, but was unfortunate at Silverstone when he was excluded from qualifying for not having enough fuel left for a fuel sample. In the race, Esteban Gutierrez launched Maldonado's car in to the air during contact at Vale - for which Gutierrez was penalised - and the Lotus was eventually forced to retire.

Following such a tough weekend, Gastaldi says he hopes Maldonado enjoys a smooth run from now until the end of the season.

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"If it balances out a little during a season then he is owed some big-time luck," Gastaldi said. "Through no fault of his own he got penalised in qualifying and started further back than the position he had earned, and then in the race we all saw what happened with Esteban Gutierrez.

"It was unfortunate that it affected him so much through his race because Pastor was quick prior to that, and I am sure, would have been strong as the race progressed. I hope for Pastor that his luck will change from Hockenheim onwards."

Gastaldi wasn't critical of Gutierrez for the incident in the British Grand Prix but feels Maldonado deserves credit for his reaction.

"These things happen in racing from time to time but it doesn't make it any easier to deal with, but once more we saw a great approach from Pastor; even though his car was damaged and his engine wasn't at full strength he kept pushing hard."