Claire Williams says the recent success the team is enjoying will help it chase new partnerships to be able to consistently challenge at the front of the grid.

Williams announced a new title partnership deal with Martini at the start of the season, while also unveiling a number of Brazilian sponsors having added Felipe Massa and Felipe Nasr to their driver line-up. Having brought Martini on board and enjoyed a competitive season to date, Williams said the current position the team is in gives it a good base from which to try and increase income and therefore budget.

"The Martini partnership in particular has provided us with a really strong platform to go out to the marketplace," Williams said. "We feel like a proper racing team almost again. We've got this great title partner in Martini - we're Williams Martini Racing - from the commercial side, the look and feel, where we are as a team on the engineering side of things as well I think everything's come together to show people that this is the start of a new future for Williams and we are finding very much that people we are talking to are subscribing to that and getting on board and want to be a part of that.

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"Commercially for us we are probably even busier than we have been but over the past three winters we have been successful commercially as well despite the performance on the race track. We have managed to attract new partners over the winter; not just Martini but we brought in three other partners as well off the back of P9. So that shows you the level of interest around the team and how we talk about the team moving forward going in to the future.

"So I hope we bring in a whole raft of new sponsors for 2015. That's obviously the plan and we have to do it, we're an independent team and costs are as they are in Formula One at the moment."

And Williams said the current resources available to the team are already enough to ensure it can work on at least maintaining its current level of competitiveness both this year and in 2015.

"I think we're lucky that we've got the resources to be able to work on the two cars simultaneously. So we would not stop developing this car - and particularly if we're in a position to fight for P3 - we will always bring upgrades until the end of the year to be able to do that.

"But we're lucky that we have got the resources and the people at Grove that the '15 car can be worked on at the same time and obviously is already. And I think the very fact that we haven't got such a major overhaul of regulations next year and they're going to be relatively stable allows us to do that."